I.v.m. de Corona-maatregelen zijn wij t/m 6 april gesloten. Een deel van onze films kun je thuis kijken via onze online filmzaal Picl.

Sunday 22 March we’re staring a new special: LOST–in–TRANSLATION? #1: PARASITE!
Foreign language movies with English subtitles

Expats, non-natives & lovers of independent cinema, be aware: Sunday 22 March we’re starting our new special LOST–in–TRANSLATION?

Every month we’ll screen the best recent foreign language films with English subtitles. For expats and other people who have trouble reading Dutch subtitles.

And of course we will kick off with the first non- English spoken movie that won the Oscar for Best Film: PARASITE! (22 March 18.25)

Afterwards you can meet up, enjoy a drink and talk about film and life.

Enjoy! Tickets on sale now!


The second edition of LOST–in–TRANSLATION? is planned for Sunday 5 April and then we'll screen the French 'Cannes' hit: Les Misérables. Tickets will be on sale soon!

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